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IPS provide implement support of “EasyOne” and operation maintenance after go live.
For the purpose of anyone using EasyOne as a system usable clearly every day, we divide it into basic design, training, migration, duties support, each process of the maintenance and standardize of the work.Our organization is constructed by all regular trained stuff and full time consultant for implementation support and maintenance service.

Whole design service

We suggest a Enterprise system of Legacy, neighboring systems, the Internet, current system constitution such as the EDI and the basic design of all next-generation systems considering the future.
We suggest the most suitable for the customer like the latest cloud service and the hosting environment with good cost performance.

Implement support service

1)basic design

We migrate to “EasyOne” after we analyze the present duties closely and rearranging, standardized without exception. It is a design to migrate whole present operation safely.

2)Prototypic inspection, revision

We evaluate the prototype (trial manufacture) from basic design. This is because you will notice something from experiences of trial manufacture. We build the perfection prototype of the actual business level. It complete faster by examination of Business Operations in first stage, and it also is able to promote a security project specially migration of business operations and sustainment.


We promote training at early stage of evaluate of the prototype. It is also evaluated to usability and comprehensible. Even if you receive a explanation of how to use just before the go live date, it is difficult to understand fully and be confused. We start training from early stage of the project to realize smooth go live operation and take enough time to be established. The training subject is an order, reservation, production, input accounting, and also confirmation of proceeding, an accident, a cancellation correction, the settlement of accounts. We will promote this training plan with the customer.


We migrate to master item and transaction data, inventory data at same time.
Specially, master of SAP ERP have to be careful for the case if SAP ERP is different from legacy master.
The lack of maintenance of the master is a representative project failure factor. We provide the high accuracy service to implement all migration at initial stage ( before the prototype test).


We do system basic design, implement, tuning, go live with responsibility. And in the case of hosting, we undertake it from a plan, preparation, a contract, the migration of data, and go live.

Sales support

EasyOne is developed to support daily business operation and standardization.
We can’t operate daily work by only the system function like program application and function, screen, account controlling. For example, it is maintained by each person to confirm their input data to avoid any accident or Cancellation correction.

From such a daily sales support, it will migrate to higher quality application of closing operation, searching wrong data, accident operation. And we support until you can use enough SAP ERP client server conversation model function.

Plan and support for operational reforms

We share with customer relatively familiar reform like early closing, inventory administration, visual operation, the cooperation of operation, progress management, accident correspondence, delivery date shortening, and also share such a menu of duties reform prepared to wrestle like a cost accounting, SCM and project management.
operational reform is a problem for the medium-and-long term period rather than a problem to accomplish all at go live term.

It is natural to incorporate a problem at the time of basic design, but may change it with a change of the company environment. We make the schedule plan shared the problem that took these elements into account. It is a mission to accomplish a problem of standardization and the operational reform of daily work steadily.

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