Operational Reforms and 3-year maintenance pack

Along duties reform menu decided beforehand, we work with our maintenance consultant.
EasyOne have too many functions to use enough without user’s support. And also we cannot be said that it takes enough time to understand at local field by first training in the introduction term. The 3 years maintenance package is maintenance service supporting duties based on the duties reform plan that should be done within the period of three years as well as data maintenance.

Even the original monthly settlement of accounts, the quarterly settlement of accounts, annual settlement of accounts, the settlement of accounts are big problems, but refer for settlement of accounts correspondence, total processing and a daily input administrative task in the local field, and there is a problem including the accident correspondence a lot.
We support an action to such a daily problem and original duties reform within the term of a contract of five years. The plan has been already prepared for in promotion of visual, reduction of the stock, a cost accounting, information cooperation of global as a model menu. We accept change of the menu, extension and shortening of the contract.
Because the security and high technology are necessary, maintenance will be supported by only regular staffs from IPS. IPS acquires the certification of information security management system "ISO/IEC27001:2005 / JIS Q 27,001:2,006"

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