The EDI of IPS is the tool that was developed to cooperate with other systems.

The cooperation of EDI between Enterprise system and other systems stands for the cooperation of tasks in a company. You can have not only a productivity which reduces tasks of inputting, but a real-time property and a rationality of maintenance such as sharing master data. That is to say, EDI is one of the subject matters of management device and operational reforms.

Features of IPS EDI

IPS EDI was developed mainly for the cooperation of EasyOne, cloud, Soutatsu, and other systems.

  1. It has a function of mapping of master data,
    transaction data, and other data required.
  2. It adapts to not only forward direction data, but opposite direction data
    such as revocation and revision data.
  3. It has the file and data log that shows records of data access.
    That enables real-time maintenance when problems happens.
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