EasyOne Lite

EasyOne Lite

Basically, this solution is for the customers having under 50users.
(The maximum number of user for it will be 150users.)

Speedy introduction is possible.

With the smaller budget, finance will be prepared on the premise that the cost is appropriated as administrative cost.
Hardware is based on Hosting, and customers can choose an affiliated company.Of course, we can introduce affiliated companies which have business records for us as well.
You can use this solution after 2-3month of customizing, and we will support you for the training of inputting, settlement and maintenance.

The feature of EasyOne Lite

The function of input and administrative record file are corresponded to EasyOne.
This solution has as same functions as EasyOne for SME customers.

EasyOne Lite standard price

The price for the service to use EasyOne by Cloud.

  • Setup fees
    20,000 thousands JPY~
  • Monthly Charge
  • (This price included Server fee, ITO fee, and AMO fee)

※It's possible to be used from 10 users.

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