Based on SAP ERP, we re-edited the structures of Sales process, Logistics, product, Accounting, and Accounts title.

And we added lots of technical improvements for easy use.
EasyOne is family of products that we has made customizing method, complement program, and functions to make SAP system adjust customers’ each work style exactly, and to make use of Global Standard, SAP ERP, for standardizing customers work style.


From order to delivery, billing and payments, EasyOne manages all processes. We have edited various business styles of inventory sales and stocking and selling, and direct shipment sales as sales process mainly for trading firm, wholesale store, and manufacturing companies.
We have organized all administrative areas such as credit management of sales, taxes, purchasing, delivery and storage, sales standard, invoice, receivables management, and partial payment as the standard that every user feels it easy and understandable. Also, it is easy for customers to put their original idea to it.

Material Management, Delivery Center

It manages merchandise distribution in the area of logistics connecting to the other modules such as the process of sales, inventory control, and Production Planning. As to stock management, it manages not only available stocks at storages of each delivery center, but planning stocks which will be received and left.
You can use MRP function which is important point in purchasing area.

In today’s business trend, we are required to cooperate between each different section such as Inventory control, Purchasing control, and Product control. And the cooperation with the merchandise distribution overseas is very important as well (CRM, SCM). EasyOne is edited to see the merchandise distribution visually by cooperating each section globally. Even though a subject itself is difficult, it should be easy and understandable for you.

Production Planning

It manages from the progress to the end of production planning through various factories, steps of progress, semi processed goods, and materials by the module of Production Planning.
We have experiences in the areas of Oil chemicals industry, clothing, fabric, chemical product, and paper manufacture. Especially, for the cooperation with overseas, it needs the cooperation of each module such as Production Planning, Material Management, import and export and third‐country trade (CRM, SCM). And, as to the customers’ original work of process, they can use the system which is close to them by combining those.

Manufacturing cost accounting

We use real cost accounting based on standard cost accounting of ABC rule.
We calculate manufacturing cost for the three elements of prescribed standard cost accounting by dividing cost element into three elements of direct cost, direct expense, and indirect expense. This way is based on ABC rule, and generally, it is understandable and you can evaluate the progress off cost for each product every month objectively by managing cost shift of each element.


It adapts to various changes of global accounting and taxes in China.
You are required to adapt not only Japanese accounting standard and global standard, but tax law in China and other tax rules in Asian countries. We have standardized the experiences in China, Asia, Korea, Europe, and America where we had already had experiences. And we can research accounting rules over the world that is changing everyday through the global network, United VARs.


We will propel from Requirements Completed & Approved, tuning, to going live.
And for the case of hosting, we will conduct from planning, preparation, contract, data migration, to going live.

EasyOne price list

The price of EasyOne will change depending on the size of customers’ company. The below is the market price as reference.

  • License fee for SAP ERP
  • EasyOne license
  • Consulting fee for implementation
  • Add-on fee
  • Server, peripherals and basis fee
  • ((One set of above)
For manufacturing industry
Small size model
(under 10billion of annual sales)
thousands JPY~
Middle size model
(over 20billion of annual sales)
thousands JPY~
For trading industry
Small size model
(under 10billion of annual sales)
thousands JPY~
Middle size model
(over 20billion of annual sales)
thousands JPY~
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